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Your Child Wants To Join Debate But It’s Not Offered At School: What To Do Instead. 

Let’s say your child has taken an interest in the world of debate after hearing about it, seeing their favourite TV show characters do debate club, or watching students from around the world take part in debate clubs at their school via social media. We strongly encourage you to try out debate club at their school (see our previous blog post for reasons why debate is essential to your child’s development). If their school doesn’t offer debate as an extracurricular however, here’s how we recommend you foster their interest: 

1) If your child is old enough, get them on our Discord community!

With an engaged community of over 200 students, our discord page is a hub for students to connect with each other about debate, and learn from each other! We share with them inspiration videos of excellent debaters, advice on upcoming debates, and share opportunities for virtual debates so that students can participate and get first hand experience!

2) Introduce your child to our Tik Tok!

To an audience of almost 22,000 students, we post relatable videos about debate as well as funny content for students to enjoy. Our audience is so engaged on Tik Tok so your kid could find themselves engaging with like-minded students from around the world! Check out one of our most recent Tik Toks where we answered a student’s question who was asking how they could get involved with Model UN.

3) Help them build their debate and public speaking skills!

Even if your child doesn’t have a space to practice debate at their school, that doesn’t mean they can’t still work towards developing their skills. Some of the reasons we are huge advocates for debate is that debate can help kids build their confidence, develop their critical thinking skills, and refine their research skills. And we’ve got great news: you can still help your child develop these skills. TalkMaze is here to bring public speaking and debate resources to students around the world in a way that’s accessible! Through personalized online coaching, we can work with your kid to refine their skills in a way that makes sense to them. Through our Odyssey Program, we teach our students to become more confident speakers, thinkers, and leaders through the principles of debate. If you’re interested in trying this out, you have access to a FREE TRIAL for our Odyssey Program HERE.

In conclusion…

In conclusion, if your child is interested in debate, there are ways to support their passion and help them develop their skills, even if their school doesn’t offer a debate club. TalkMaze’s Discord community, TikTok page, and Odyssey Program are all fantastic resources that can provide opportunities for your child to connect with other students, learn, and grow. Give them the chance to explore the world of debate and watch them thrive!

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