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We partner with schools, youth centres, and cultural organizations to bring
communication skills training to children around the world.

Why Debate Should Be Taught in Schools

Unlocking the power of debate within school curricula is more than an educational choice; it’s an investment in lifelong skills. The art of debating transcends discourse. It becomes a training ground for essential life skills—communication, public speaking, and critical thinking. These skills are not fleeting. They are the cornerstone of success that accompanies individuals well into adulthood. By incorporating debate into schools, we go beyond academic enrichment and into the realm of equipping students with the tools to navigate the complexities of the professional world, making them stand out as highly employable individuals.

Debate skills empower students to articulate thoughts persuasively, fostering effective communication. Public speaking proficiency becomes a natural byproduct, instilling confidence and resilience, and critical thinking, honed through the rigour of debate, becomes a guiding compass in decision-making. As we advocate for the inclusion of debate in schools, we recognize it not just as an educational endeavour but as a strategic investment in shaping tomorrow’s leaders, preparing them for academic success and a lifetime of confident, articulate, and critically engaged citizenship.

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