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We partner with schools, youth centres, and cultural organizations
to bring communication skills training to children globally.

Why Debate Skills should be taught in schools

The skill of debating can teach you a lot about communication, public speaking, and critical thinking, though—skills that will last you well into adulthood and make you much more employable than most of your classmates!
Read more about why students should learn debate in high school.

The 3 F-words we live by

  • Interactive lesson plans
  • Building a community that gets our students excited for their lessons
  • Connect with TalkMaze members from around the world.
  • Virtual classes
  • On demand resources
  • Regular workshops at rotating times
  • Coaches competent to adapt to students’ changing needs
  • Making critical thinking and effective communication the norm to help in careers, education, and  social life.
  • Consistent practice and feedback opportunities

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