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Start exploring, voyaging, and climbing to achieve certificates. Watch your child level up to become a legend in public speaking and debate skills!

Your Odyssey to Confident Communication

Embark on a transformative journey with TalkMaze’s curriculum. Each level is crafted to shape your child into a more confident thinker, speaker, and leader. Tailored classes address your child’s unique communication needs. Whether they’re a novice or a seasoned speaker, your child will discover their full potential with these courses on public speaking and debate so that they can take their communication skills to new heights. As they progress through the six stages, they’ll start earning rewards until they’ve reached legendary status and receive their certificate of completion. Enroll your child today and unleash the power of effective communication.


Embark on an exciting journey with the Explorer course, where your child will delve into the fundamentals of speech preparation, delivery, and audience analysis. In engaging group classes, our expert public speaking and debate coaches will guide them through crafting compelling speeches that resonate with their audience, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of effective communication.


  • Comprehensive understanding of speech fundamentals.
  • Expert guidance in crafting compelling speeches.
  • Emphasis on speech preparation, delivery, and audience analysis.


Join us on an exhilarating journey with the Voyager course, where your child will discover the transformative power of effective communication. This level is designed to help children master the art of persuasive communication so that they become dynamic and influential speakers. In engaging group classes, guided by expert coaches, your child will explore the nuances of different speech types, learn the intricacies of speech structure, and hone their skills in effective writing. They’ll be empowered to push the boundaries of their comfort zone, unlocking their true potential as a communicator.


  • Master the art of persuasive communication.
  • Explore nuances of different speech types.
  • Hone skills in effective writing.


The Climber course will help amplify your child’s journey in effective communication. Here, they’ll master the art of crafting unique speeches, delve into the fundamentals of debate, and refine their skills in argumentation to accelerate their progress. This level will equip your child with the tools and techniques needed to climb to the next level of communication, ensuring they captivate their audience with every word. Join us and take the first step towards becoming a more professional and dynamic speaker.


  • Master the art of crafting unique speeches.
  • Delve into the fundamentals of debate.
  • Refine skills in persuasive argumentation.
  • Accelerate progress for a more dynamic and professional speaking presence.


Our Adventurer course will equip your child with the skills and knowledge to confidently engage in debates and defend their positions. In dynamic group classes, this level delves into the structure of a debate, different debate positions, and crafting compelling and effective arguments. With a strong emphasis on developing critical thinking and analytical skills, children will learn to identify stakeholders, understand motions, and engage in productive and meaningful debate. Our expert coaches provide guidance and feedback to help them sharpen their skills and discover the power of persuasive communication.


  • Skills and knowledge to confidently engage in debates
  • Learn debate structure, positions, and argument crafting
  • Develop critical thinking and analytical skills
  • Expert guidance for a sharpened and persuasive communication style


The Inspirer stage of the Odyssey program is designed to Ignite your child’s potential as an inspiring and influential communicator. They’ll delve deeper into the debate world, developing the ability to extend arguments and cross-examine opponents effectively. With a focus on British Parliamentary Debate, children will learn strategies to thrive in this challenging and dynamic format. Emphasizing strategic thinking and persuasive communication, this level will empower your child to engage in meaningful and productive debates.


  • Develop the ability to extend arguments and cross-examine effectively.
  • Focus on British Parliamentary Debate for a dynamic learning experience.
  • Emphasis on strategic thinking and persuasive communication.
  • Learn proven strategies for success in debates of any format.


The Odyssey program’s Legend stage is the ultimate destination for seasoned debaters who want to hone their skills to perfection. In advanced group classes, this course uncovers techniques for framing debates, developing frameworks, and presenting arguments with unparalleled effectiveness. Children will master the art of navigating controversial topics with confidence and poise while delivering a powerful and persuasive message. With a dedicated emphasis on refining their skills and leveling up their speech game, this program is crafted to transform your child into a legendary debater and a true master of communication. Guided by our expert public speaking and debate coaches, they’ll push beyond their limits and achieve new heights of success.


  • Learn advanced techniques for framing debates and developing frameworks
  • Master the art of navigating controversial topics with confidence
  • Refine skills to achieve legendary status
  • Expert guidance to push beyond limits and achieve new heights of success

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