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Any! We have coaches who are experts in different styles of debate and can tailor sessions to your specific needs.
Nope! We welcome students from all around the world. Be sure to check the timezones listed for our coaching options to find a time that suits you.
A refund is possible within 24 hours of all purchases. This does not apply if you have signed up for a live coaching session and already taken part in a lesson. Contact us to request a refund or for further information.
Definitely! You don't have to take part in competitions or any other formalized type of public speaking. Building communication skills is essential for everyone in any industry and the earlier you get started, the better. Our coaches can work with you to build your skills for whatever your goals may be - interview preparation, college admissions, job applications, day to day confidence, etc.
All prices are displayed in CAD. When directed to pay, you will have the option to pay in your own currency.
That's awesome! We offer discounts for groups of 2-4 students who want to work with a coach. 2 students get 10% off each, 3 students get 15% off each, and 4 students get 20% off each Please note that all students will be in the same sessions with one coach. This is ideal for debate partners, friends, or other groups of students at similar levels who want to learn together. One student should complete the pairing quiz on the dashboard and select the number of students who will be joining. Your friends will then receive a referral link to pair their accounts and join you for the coaching sessions. The main student who completed the pairing quiz will be in charge of completing the payment for all students in the group.
Register at, complete the pairing quiz, and wait to be matched with a TalkMaze Coach! We work with schools and community organizations for group programs as well. Contact us at if you're interested.
Over 15 of our diverse, international Coaches have collaborated to develop 300+ pages of curriculum focusing on public speaking, critical thinking, and argumentation skills among many others. Our wide range of lessons cover everything from advanced debate topics to building communication skills for interviews. No matter where you are in your speaking or debating journey, we're here to help.
Yes! We've worked with professionals, university students, and other adults to help them build their confidence through communication skills. When you sign up at, you'll have the chance to share more about your specific goals so we can match you with a Coach to fit your needs!
Our Coaches go through a vigorous vetting and training process. On average, we select less than 10% of applicants so you know your Coach is well qualified. Many of our Coaches have won national and international accolades. We guarantee that you'll have an excellent coaching experience and if you are unsatisfied at any time, we will happily match you with a different Coach free of charge.