TalkMaze-1:1 Public Speaking and Debate Training Training For Kids

Welcome to TalkMaze’s Group Classes, where young minds will embark on an exciting journey of confident communication.
Our carefully vetted, expert coaches will lead the way, offering a unique blend of group dynamics and personalized attention.
From tailored guidance to interactive activities, our classes provide a nurturing environment for children to flourish, ensuring they build essential life 
skills while having a blast.

Curriculum Overview:

Students will go through a series of classes that will teach them to become more confident thinkers, speakers, and leaders. They will learn and practice:
  • verbal & nonverbal communication
  • impromptu speaking
  • argumentation
  • speech structure
  • effective introductions & conclusions
All while receiving feedback to unlock their full potential and take their communication skills to the next level.

Class Details: 

We are on a mission to unlock young voices & build confident futures.

Through our thoughtful public speaking training, your child will:
And be empowered to unlock their full potential.

Parents, we know you only want the best for your kids.

See what other parents and TalkMaze students have said about our training:

Meet some of the coaches that are part of the TalkMaze team:

Hayley, a certified educator from Alberta, uncovered her profound passion for the art of public speaking and debate from an early age. Her academic adventure led her to the University of Alberta, where she majored in Biology and sprinkled a dash of English into the mix, all while fanning the flames of her enthusiasm for strong communication. 📚

Throughout her academic journey, Hayley’s been a star, consistently dazzling the crowds with her speech and debate skills in provincial competitions. At the UofA, she took things up a notch by diving headfirst into the world of Toastmasters International and becoming the ultimate debater. 🌟🏆

Hayley firmly believes that public speaking is the superhero skill we all need. It can transform lives, both personally and professionally, and she’s on a mission to make sure every student she meets becomes a confident and captivating speaker & debater. 💪

Hayley loves to read, masters the art of baking, and cherishes every second spent with her loved ones. She’s the all-around educator you’ve been waiting for, ready to ignite a passion for public speaking and debate in the most exciting way possible!🦸‍♀️


Tyler isn’t your average teacher. He’s a combo of fun and learning rolled into one! As a University of Alberta graduate, he’s earned not one, but two impressive degrees – a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Political Science, and a Bachelor of Secondary Education with a major in Drama.🎭

Since 2016, Tyler has been on a mission to bring joy and empowerment to students of all ages, whether in schools, summer camps, or after-school care centers. He’s all about helping kids uncover their passions and become lifelong learners.🌟

He’s also taken the stage in student-directed scenes at the University of Alberta and even flexed his improv muscles with the University of Alberta Improv Group.🎤

He’s also a champion of active citizenship! He’s a regular blood donor and loves to lend a helping hand at events like the Edmonton Folk Festival. 🤝

Get ready for a journey of fun, empowerment, and endless learning with Tyler by your side!

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Only $20/hour!

  • 5-8 Year Olds Class: $680 for the whole year

  • 9-11 Year Olds Class: $1,020 for the whole year

Payment plans available!

*A one-time registration fee of $50 will apply