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Meet the team driving TalkMaze’s vision of confident communicators and global leaders.

Our Story

As a child, Ghalia, TalkMaze’s Founder, struggled to communicate, but joining the debate club in seventh grade transformed her life. She went from a shy child to competing at debate tournaments nationally and delivering TEDx talks. After volunteering for five years as the debate coach at a local middle school, Ghalia became frustrated by the lack of resources hindering students from accessing such a transformative opportunity.  In response, Ghalia founded TalkMaze to bridge the gap and inspire children globally to become confident communicators.

Through consulting with coaches, advisors, and families from around the world, Ghalia began building out the platform. Today, TalkMaze offers premier educational opportunities for young people to build confidence through public speaking training. On her entrepreneurial journey, Ghalia encountered many of the same obstacles as she did in the debating world. Ghalia utilizes her work with TalkMaze to amplify the voices of other entrepreneurs. She has represented the country as the youngest delegate to the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance Summit and served on multiple boards supporting marginalized business owners. 

TalkMaze About Us Mission

Our Mission & Vision

At TalkMaze, our vision is to unlock the power of children’s voices, recognizing the transformative potential within each unique perspective. We believe in a world where every child’s voice matters and can contribute to positive change. To achieve this, we’ve made it our mission to cultivate confidence through comprehensive training and a supportive community.

We are dedicated to providing students around the world with the tools and skills they need not only to speak but to communicate with conviction and impact. By fostering a community that encourages self-expression, we empower students to effect positive change, creating a global ripple effect. TalkMaze is more than a platform; it’s a catalyst for confidence, communication, and the limitless potential within every child.

Our Values


Boldly Exceed

At TalkMaze, your expectations are our compass. Experience a commitment to going beyond the ordinary, ensuring you, our valued students, coaches, and partners, receive more than you anticipate at every step.


Grow Together

Join a community where growth is a shared journey. Nurture not just individual growth but also experience the collective strength and effectiveness of our team. Together, we grow stronger, ensuring a community that fosters your personal and collaborative development.


Ignite Adventure

Ignite your adventure with TalkMaze’s approach to learning and collaboration. Here, we encourage curiosity, creativity, and the spirit of adventure, making every day an exciting journey toward new horizons. Your learning experience is an adventure waiting to unfold.

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