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Our Vision

A world where communication skills training is accessible to every student around the globe

Our Mission

To fight the discrepancy in resources available for young people globally to build
soft skills by providing top-notch training in public speaking and debate

Ghalia Aamer, Founder & CEO, TalkMaze

Our Story

As a child, Ghalia struggled to communicate and was afraid of speaking. Her teachers often expressed concerns to her parents about her lack of communication skills. Public speaking was incredibly daunting, and it affected every aspect of her life. However, everything changed in seventh grade when she joined the debate club. Seeing her opponents actively engaging with her arguments and the judges thoughtfully providing her feedback made her realize that her words finally mattered! The experience transformed her life and propelled her to become a competitive debater at the provincial and national levels.


Motivated to help other students overcome their communication struggles, Ghalia became a debate coach at her former junior high school. The program expanded very quickly, and soon, the limited resources prevented her from accepting even more aspiring debaters. Finding it disheartening that this life-changing opportunity couldn’t be offered to more students, Ghalia decided to take action. In 2020, TalkMaze was founded with a vision for a world where communication skills training is accessible to every student around the globe. The platform aims to empower young people globally through communication skills training. 

Today, TalkMaze offers virtual public speaking and debate programs, 1:1 coaching, and partners with several schools to provide tools to improve communication skills and boost confidence. Thousands of students across the globe have benefited from TalkMaze’s programs and support. As the founder and CEO of TalkMaze, Ghalia travels around the world to advocate for expanding access to communication skills training, with a mission to continue growing TalkMaze’s reach and bringing communication skills to even more students worldwide.

In the Press

In the Press

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Wherever you Stand in Your Public Speaking Journey,

Access to high quality public speaking and debate training is a luxury that is inaccessible to most students. We’re here to change the status quo. As the world’s first global online hub for public speaking and debate, we’re bringing together people together behind one common cause: empowerment.

No Matter Where You Live,

Gone are the days when only the students living in large cities or attending specific schools would have access to quality learning. Our wide range of programs and resources make quality training accessible. At TalkMaze, we make it possible for you to connect with expert coaches and peers from all over the world, at all times, all from the comfort of your own home!

73% of people are afraid of speaking in public. Let’s change that together.