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Access to high quality public speaking and debate training is a luxury that is inaccessible to most students. We’re here to change the status quo. As the world’s first global online hub for public speaking and debate, we’re bringing together people together behind one common cause: empowerment.

Regardless of where you are in your journey of public speaking, we are here for you. Our wide range of programs and resources make high quality training accessible, all from the comfort of your own home!

The times of living in large cities and attending specific schools to access the best training are gone. Now, you can connect with experienced coaches and peers from anywhere in the world at any time.

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A world where every student has access to communication skills training

Did you know the fear of public speaking cuts wages by 10%? That’s a $6000 cut from a $60,000 potential salary! Don’t let your fear get in the way of you and let us help you conquer it together!

TalkMaze originated in Canada and now has members from all around the world. We are focused on providing the best speaking and debating training platform. Our goal is to help you achieve your objectives, be it talking in front of your class at assembly, polishing your general speaking skills, or presenting that important pitch at work; your needs are our focus. Be it public speaking, all styles of debating, or Model United Nations, we are here to help.

We saw an incredible discrepancy in resources available for speakers and debaters around the world. We know from experience just how important such skills are in the modern world. TalkMaze wants to make such skills accessible to all. Students, professionals, and anyone interested in broadening their horizons is welcome at TalkMaze.

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Ghalia Aamer

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We are always looking to grow our reach. Don't see your country on the map? Contact us to become a TalkMaze Ambassador in your region.