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Our Vision

A world where every student has access to communication skills training

Our Mission

To fight the discrepancy in resources available for young people globally to build
soft skills by delivering high-quality public speaking and debate training

Our Story

I struggled to speak up as a child. In fact, my teachers would regularly express their concerns to my parents about my lack of communication skills. During recesses, I would hide by the border of the playground, afraid to interact with my peers. I was terrified of public speaking and it affected every part of my life.

In seventh grade, when I hesitantly signed up for the debate club, I was unaware of how that moment would forever change my life. In the club, as I saw my opponents actively engaging with my arguments and judges thoughtfully responding with feedback, I finally felt like my words mattered. I felt heard. In a matter of years, I was debating competitively provincially and nationally, something I could never have imagined as a child.

Once public speaking had liberated me, I took it upon myself to help other students like me transform themselves too by volunteering as the debate coach at my former junior high school. The number of students in the program expanded from twenty to eighty. Soon, it was far from manageable, and with a broken heart, I had to turn down more incoming students due to limited resources.

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Ghalia Aamer
Founder & CEO, TalkMaze

As someone who had experienced the transformational impacts of public speaking, I found it disheartening to deny students such a life-changing opportunity. I knew I had to do something. Merging my interests in entrepreneurship and education, I founded TalkMaze on a mission to empower young people globally through communication skills training.

TalkMaze launched in 2020 in Canada. Today, our community has grown across the globe. TalkMaze has helped thousands of students become confident communicators. TalkMaze helps schools and organizations implement and sustain virtual public speaking and debate programs, offers 1:1 coaching for ambitious speakers and debaters to get to the next level, and provides all the tools required to develop and improve communication skills and boost confidence.

As the founder and CEO of TalkMaze, I am fortunate to have a voice through this platform to advocate for expanding access to communication skills training. I look forward to bringing TalkMaze to even more students worldwide.

Watch Ghalia Aamer, Founder and CEO of TalkMaze at TEDxUAlberta

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Wherever you Stand in Your Public Speaking Journey,

We’re Here To Empower You!

Access to high quality public speaking and debate training is a luxury that is inaccessible to most students. We’re here to change the status quo. As the world’s first global online hub for public speaking and debate, we’re bringing together people together behind one common cause: empowerment.

No Matter Where You Live,

We’re Here to Connect With You!

Gone are the days when only the students living in large cities or attending specific schools would have access to quality learning. Our wide range of programs and resources make quality training accessible. At TalkMaze, we make it possible for you to connect with expert coaches and peers from all over the world, at all times, all from the comfort of your own home!

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73% of people are afraid of speaking in public. Let’s change that together.