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1-1 Virtual Public Speaking & Debate Training for Kids

Work closely with a coach to learn from a unique, tailored program personalized for you.

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Public Speaking & Debate Coaching for Schools

Watch your students build real world skills & become empowered to lead in their communities

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Take a Sneak Peak Into Our Program


Practice your communication skills with an expert and receive actionable feedback each session


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced communicator, our curriculum is designed to help you achieve your goals


Track through each level to ensure meaningful progress and earn a certificate upon successful completion of the program

Why Choose TalkMaze?

Our 1:1 approach builds a strong student-coach connection and helps our experts alter the learning process according to each student’s personal needs.

Zero Compromise on Quality

Experts’ Curated Curriculum

Personalized 1:1 Learning Sessions

Flexible Session Scheduling

State-of-the-Art Learning Portal

100% Guaranteed Progress

You’re in good company!
Hear from some of our students about their transformative journey with TalkMaze.

"It’s not just you who becomes empowered by strong communication skills. You now have this incredible tool to empower others."

Ghalia Aamer

founder & Ceo, TaLKMAZE

More Reasons To Choose TalkMaze

Hone Your Strength

Collaborating with a coach can help you capitalize on your core competencies while identifying and tackling areas that need improvement.

Experience Swift Progress

Get access to a customized, one-of-a-kind program designed exclusively for you, and see your self-confidence soar in just a handful of sessions.

Engage with the Community

Join community events, interact with a global network of students and coaches via our forum, and practice your skills in a supportive environment.

Build Meaningful Relationships​

Gain insights from seasoned professionals in a nurturing atmosphere, as well as foster deep relationships that bolster your self-confidence.

73% of people are afraid of speaking in public. Let’s change that together.